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The Full Circle Exchange U.S. holistic Job Readiness Training Program provides local women refugees and women in transition a “pathway to empowerment” by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through the following: transitional part-time employment, vital enrichment opportunities, mentoring, community networking, and teaching daily hands-on job training skills in a non-profit social enterprise environment. Full Circle Exchange is committed to helping women restructure their lives, develop marketable skills and gain the confidence and life skills needed to find employment.> LEARN MORE


Immediate Income

  • • Transitional Income

  • • Job placement in permanent employment positions within the community


Job Readiness

  • • Computer Skills training

  • • Resume Building

  • • Exposure to and training in a wide array of job skills


Educational Growth

  • • ESL English Classes

  • • A.S.S.E.T.S. program

  • • Financial Literacy


Emotional Growth

  • • Art Therapy

  • • Music Therapy

  • • Mentorship & Counseling


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